Tuesday, March 16, 2010


This blog is an avenue for me to speak openly about my son's special needs while maintaining his privacy. So you will not be seeing photos or real names on this blog. But I will be completely open and honest about what living with a child with bipolar disorder is like. The ups and downs, the good parts and bad parts, and how it affects us in both positive and negative ways. I welcome and encourage comments. I would love to link to other blogs, especially ones with similar topics, so please leave a comment with your blog info and I will link to you. For all intents and purposes my name is "J", my husband will be referred to as "DH", my son is "Taz", and my 1 year old daughter is "Chica".

About the blog name, well, I needed something catchy. But I don't really think we are "battling" bipolar. I think we are kicking bipolar's a$$! But for real, bipolar disorder is not a death sentence. But it is a lifelong journey. And it's hard to live with but success and happiness can be found. And this will chronicle our steps getting there.

In the next few days I will bombard you with the beginning story of my son and our journey in learning about bipolar disorder. So come back soon.

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