Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lithium, You Dirty Rat!

Dh found a Lithium supplement online that requires no prescription. Dr. S (Psych) thought it wasn't worth it to try since it's probably in doses too small to make a difference. Yet he won't prescribe it so we don't really have anything to lose for trying the supplement.

We started it about two weeks ago. And guess what? It's actually kinda working. We're not seeing much depression anymore. He's having some lulls during the afternoon, more to do with needing a nap or being overstimulated. So, the combination of Intuniv (for impulsivity), Invega (anti-psychotic), and Lithium supplement (for mood), has made Taz manageable. Not perfect. He still has "issues". But much better. We're even able to do some of the fun activities I wanted to this summer. Last week we went to a dinosaur park and I was panicked it would be a disaster (it was a particularly expensive park so it was a risky move) but we had an awesome time!

In other news, Taz has learned a new phrase, I think from the hospital since that's when I first started hearing it. It actually cracks me up every time he says it because it just sounds weird coming out of a four year old's mouth. Can you guess what it is?

Yes... dirty rat.

Dirty rat. This is what Taz has taken to calling me when he's mad or annoyed. I feel like I've been dropped into a 50's gangster movie. Weird.

The recent absence of new blog posts has been party because our in-home service started and I'm waiting to hear what they think. We are also exploring a new direction having to do with diagnoses that I will reveal another time.

And....I'm writing a book. Yes, you read that write (ha ha). It's fiction. Supernatural Romance, to be more exact, but with lots of action. But no vampires. Don't lie, I know that's what you were thinking. I'm about half way done. My goal is to finish in six months and send it out to publishers. I want it published. That's why I'm writing it. But, it's also very therapeutic.

I'll update if it does actually get published.

Maybe some of you would like that genre?


  1. Glad to hear from you again! Write, write, write away!!!!

    Logan's Mommy

  2. Great news about Taz and the book sounds like a good project. Good news all around. Keep your eye on Taz's thyroid and all organ functions with the lithium - ask your general doc to do routine blood work for that.

  3. So glad you were able to find something for Taz.

    I love to write too. It feels so cool to have this little world with all the characters secretly living their lives in your head, waiting for you to write it all down on paper for everyone else to read.

  4. Great news about the improvement. I'm interested in hearing the latest on the diagnosis....

  5. Sigh. So, so glad to hear that things have quieted a bit over your way.

    Lithium is our miracle drug these days, but like Meg said, get some blood work. And make sure he drinks lots of fluids! It's probably not an issue on such a small dose, but I know you like to be cautious.

  6. I'm really glad to read this post.

    And, I'd LOVE to proof your novel for you. Seriously. How exciting!!!!

  7. This is Taz's Dad:
    For the interested parties. The Lithium supplement that Taz is taking is called Lithium Orotate. It's commercially available as a supplement. You can buy it OTC at Vitamin World. It is not just a lower dose of Lithium Citrate or Lithium Carbonate (known as the drug name Lithium).
    For people that might be thinking about trying it: Do your Homework! This web blog is not recommending doing what we have done without fully weighing your options and seeking professional advice.
    It's a controversial supplement. Some Dr's and researchers have denounced it, the FDA actually tried to ban it before the 1994 deregulation of supplements. Other Dr's (and patients) have hailed it as a much more bio-available type of lithium (and therefore requires a much lower dose). As far as I was able to research, there have been very little peer reviewed or statistically validated trials that would test the "function" of lithium orotate. I was also unable to find any research at all relating to its dosing and usage in children.
    We have chosen this path for Taz after much debate and are taking all of the precautions that go along with it. So far, it seems to be doing its job with little or no side effects. I have to believe that it we are seeing a true effective result, as Taz is too young for the placebo effect to play into the equation. Of course, everything could be different when we wake up tomorrow. Your results may vary.

  8. SO glad you guys are seeing something a bit more positive!

  9. This may be helpful for you all. HB takes Lithium Orotate as well.