Wednesday, May 19, 2010


The first question my husband asked me after we talked about the most recent med change was "how many eggs are you putting in the Abilify basket?" What do you mean, I asked. "I mean, are you going to be disappointed and fall apart when this doesn't work?"

Am I?

I don't think so, but we'll see. I'm not like Dh. I'm not a man (no offense). I can't turn my feelings off. I can't just resolve myself to the fact that Taz has a hard life or that there's not much we can do. I refuse to give up. So, yes, I have some of my eggs in the Abilify basket. But not enough to be depressed if it doesn't work out. I've gotten rid of the idea that medication will be our magical solution.

So before you start rolling your eyes about how "poor me" this post is sounding, I'll just give the facts. Dr. S is gradually going to replace the Risperdal with Abilify. I am definitely curious to see if we see positive results.

At the appointment Taz was in full hypo-manic mode. He was grabbing at everything in sight, very sensitive to Chica (who is becoming a handful in her own right), yelling nonsense words, oh- and masturbating on the floor!'s that for embarrassing? I left this 20 minute appointment covered in sweat (despite it being 50 degrees outside) and feeling as though I just wrestled a wild animal.

The way things are right now I feel like I'm parenting 2 year old triplets. Chica is at that stage where she gets into everything, plus she's very smart and adventurous. And Taz counts as two 2 year olds just because....well....he's Taz. So if there are any triplet moms out there, I totally get it!

Number 1 - this picture is hilarious. Number 2 - it's a pretty accurate representation of what keeping up with my kids feels like right now.


  1. Jada started on Abilify not too long ago to take along with her Depakote. It has been good for us, except for the constant hunger. I really hope it helps!

  2. I'm sorry you're going through such a rough time right now. I like your analogy though with the triplets! As a mother of twins (one of my twins has autism) and then parenting my oldest with schizophrenia -- I totally get it!

    A few years ago Nick was on Riserdal. For a while, it worked great! Then after being on it for so long, he had some pretty scary side-effects. His doctor also tried him on Abilify...That also worked really well for a while.
    I think you're right when you say that medication is not the 'magical solution'.
    I hope the Abilify helps him though! Good luck & hang in there!

  3. Abilify is our lifeline to sanity here. Miss M has to take both Abilify (which really levels out her mood swings) and Risperdal (which helps to control her rage and aggression issues). We have tried just one or the other and it did not work but together she is as close to typical as we ever have been.

    Mr. takes Abilify and Tenex. His aggression is well controlled like this but he battles the hunger issue. Miss M does not have that issue on the meds, go figure?

    Good Luck!

  4. My son is on risperdal, abilify, and celexa. The risperdal was the total wow drug for us - except that he gained 1.5 lb/mo for 2 years (36 lb! he was 9 and he grew maybe 3 inches) . . . and, any time we tried to lower the abilify, he would hear voices. Finally, she added the abilify first, and THEN lowered the risperdal. the abilify slowed his weight gain, and worked for his moods.

    My sister, tho, tried a cold turkey switch to abilify and went manic, not sleeping for 3 days until she quit it.

    My son said he was tired of feeling like a guinea pig, but every body is different and you have to keep trying. good luck.

  5. We know the med merry-go-round all too well, though abilify is one Carter hasn't been on yet. I hope it goes well!

    Hey, I gave you a blog award! It's on today's post.

  6. I'm having a panic attack over the blog award! I feel like i'm in grade school and someone gave me a chain letter! 7 years of bad luck if i dont copy it and send it to 7 friends in 7 days! (and back then, we had to copy them by HAND!)

  7. Love the photo, so very true!