Friday, April 2, 2010

Crap! I Must Have Jinxed It you know when I was talking yesterday about how we've been doing good....yeah, about that....

It seems as if I jinxed it. I hate when that happens!

Today (and it's only 10:15am mind you) has been a complete disaster. Everything should be good. Taz slept fine, ate enough, lots of exercise. I even tried to make a semi-structured schedule for him. Albeit very lame with my own pencil drawings of activities. I plan on printing nicer pictures this weekend to use as a schedule. Especially since I'm homeschooling after this month (more on that later).

But, none of that made any difference. Taz was manic at first. I thought that would stop once he had his morning medicine. It did stop, but turned into extreme irritability. I don't know which I prefer. Both are really annoying to deal with.

So, this could mean it's a bad day, all day. Or he could perk up after his afternoon risperdal. It could go either way.

It's nice out so I planned lots of outdoor activities, plus some down time. With most bipolar kids it helps to keep busy. He whined all morning to color easter eggs. So we did. Then he whined all during easter eggs to have a snack. I told him after we finished he could eat an egg. Then we went outside, where we usually have a great time.

Well, his powerwheels wouldn't work the way he wanted. Meltdown. We wanted to go on a wagon ride with Chica so we started to, but every time she moved from her seat, he would hit her. So I took him out. Meltdown. We came inside for a snack (yes, another. His depakote makes him eat like crazy). Taz had a meltdown over where to eat his cracker. Ridiculous!

It's just one of those days where nothing goes right for him. It's sad, really.

But I'm hoping he feels better this afternoon.

Like I said. We go day by day.

Anyway....if I don't post tomorrow. Happy Easter everyone!


  1. I hope the day improves. Have a wonderful Easter!

  2. Sorry today isn't going great! Jada is all over the place too. It is no fun! Hope it gets better.

  3. I hope the day gets better and Easter is good, start to finish (hey you can always hope)!

  4. Do you suppose there's something in the air today??? My son has been quite manic all day as well...
    Also - I do believe there is something to be said for having some sort of structure. Weekends can be difficult in my home as well... I've found that after I've tried to create some kind of schedule, it takes a while for my son to respond well to it.
    It is a good idea - try & hang in there with it, - and hopefully today gets better for you!

  5. I'm sorry. I hope it has improved. One thing to possibly consider, my son has taken a lot of meds that make him more irritable (Abilify was the latest and the Klonopin he takes occasionally now does sometimes as well, which is a real joy since it is supposed to be a tranquilizer). Anyway, if you notice a pattern with that you might want to look into a change.

  6. Right there with you! We had the same kind of day, where nothing worked.

    Spring is a difficult time for lots of people with mood disorders. Carter's psychiatrist says it's the opposite of what people with seasonal affective disorder experience; the long days with lots of light can get a bipolar child going in a manic direction.

    Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

  7. I hope you all had a good weekend.