Friday, April 16, 2010

It's a Case of the Love Bipolar

This is what I hear on a daily basis...

Mommy, I hate you!

5 minutes later

I love you Mommy.

Me: But you just said you hated me a minute ago.

No! I love you!


I miss Daddy. I love him. I don't like you Mommy. I like Daddy.

5 minutes later

I love you Mommy. I miss you.


I HATE "Chica"!!!

5 minutes later when Chica is crying

Don't worry Chica, I kick Mommy for you. I shoot you Mommy!

5 minutes later

I want Chica die. I hate her.

5 minutes later he's holding her hand.

It must feel weird to slingshot back and forth so quickly.


  1. i'm sure it does feel weird for them - i know it's exhausting for me. I'm still recovering from this afternoon's rage.

  2. Its enough to drive even the sanest person into craziness. My kids do the whole rapid cycling thing. Up, down, up, then down again -- all in a matter of minutes.